In this, our largest sector, due to its size, historical design and complexity, we find many opportunities to reduce energy consumption in areas such as compressed air, pumping, refrigeration and ventilation. Due to clients’ focus on production BBEnergy also actively manages clients’ energy as a commodity as performance contracts.


With significant developments in IoT and the fourth industrial revolution, it has become more affordable to measure and analyse more data. This opens more opportunities for energy and water optimisation as well as production improvements, even for smaller industrial plants. Professional solutions for monitoring, alarming, control and optimisation of processes are now available right on your mobile phone.


Commercial buildings face many challenges regarding their tenants. Are they billed correctly? Are they receiving a service level (energy, water, lighting, HVAC and others) that is acceptable? IoT makes solutions for these problems affordable and possible. When you measure, you can optimise and design systems accurately. How big should your photovoltaic solar system be? Should I install a battery backup system? Should I do maximum demand control and load shift to decrease my energy utility bill? BBEnergy is ideally placed to assist commercial buildings to ensure service delivery and reduced costs.


IoT’s and 4IR’s biggest impact can be in the Agriculture sector. Here, distances between dams, pumps, rivers, boreholes etc. meant that monitoring and control costs were prohibitively high. As a result, it was only done at the bigger, most profitable farms. Communication to distant locations are now much cheaper, and the farmer is able to monitor all important activities on his farm at a fraction of historical costs. Measuring temperatures, dam levels, tank levels, borehole levels, water pressure and more will ensure that the farmer can pick up leaks much quicker and have significant savings on electricity and water. Measuring statuses (like gate open/close) and controlling the opening/closing of gates, switching of pumps and lights goes a long way in improving security on a farm.


With many municipalities facing financial difficulties at present, it is a difficult and risky market. BBEnergy are active in this market, mostly via formal tender processes in the areas of tariff optimisation, EEDSM (energy efficiency and demand side management) as well as water utility management and water quality, mainly at sewage works.


While residential clients are not our main focus, our IoT solutions are well suited for these markets. The cost-effective IoT platform, coupled with a highly configurable mobile application will enable visibility of important residential items like the main energy and water meter, swimming pool pumps and air-conditioning systems.