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Engineering Innovation

BBEnergy (Pty) Ltd consists of three divisions, focusing on energy projects, water projects and extensive data analytics. The capable team of electric, electronic, mechanical and chemical engineers boasts many years of experience in their respective fields, and is able to add values to clients in the consulting, project development, implementation, analytics and optimization fields.

Our business model allows for the company doing upfront audits and investigations at risk, with the expectation that the team would find projects with payback periods that would be acceptable to the client.

BBEnergy would also provide capital at risk for implementation if such a model is acceptable to the client.

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BBEnergy offers multidisciplinary energy efficiency solutions for the mining indu stry. We are leaders in exploring and implementing energy efficiency innovation in South Africa as well as outside.

At BBEnergy we use our vast experience in the measurement and management of electricity to design and implement high-quality energy saving projects.

We have 7 years’ experience and have, to date, completed in excess of R800 Million worth of projects at most of the major and deep mines in South Africa with Savings having accumulated into the billions.

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Advanced Analytical Services

In an increasingly connected world, the availability of data is growing at an incredible pace. Traditional analytical approaches are not always sufficient to extract and combine data sets for further analysis and developing deep insights. BBAnalytics uses state of the art analytical tools combined with our sector knowledge which enables our clients to obtain valuable insights into the problem that is being analysed.


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Every drop counts

BBWater is passionate about the efficient management of mankind’s most precious resource. Our integrated approach employsthe latest techniques, technologies and practices to deliver water at the right quantity and quality matched by a business case that ensures sustainability and promotes environmental stewardship.

Bespoke and Cutting Edge Technologies

Integrated big data and analytics provides unparalleled insight and control over your water resource.